Phoenix Training was founded over twenty five years ago as the training wing of Lynx Passenger Transport, one of the largest providers of Local Authority contract transport services in North Wales. Its remit was to deliver professional and accredited training to the growing number of Phoenix employees as there was a distinct lack of available and accredited training from existing companies. From the outset Phoenix recognised the importance and dedication of the individuals working within the passenger transport services and the importance of ensuring that the Journey was part of the school day not an adjunct.

We were early proponents of the holistic view of training and of the benefits that gave both to providers and users of the service. The Training gained a strong reputation for depth and quality and we were soon being asked by other Authorities to provide a similar service to resolve their own training needs. The success of the training arm meant that we quickly outgrew Lynx Transport to the extent that we are now an independent organisation.

The lack of National Standards in service provision was immediately apparent and a cause of disquiet, so Phoenix Training was asked by NACT (National Association of Council Contract Community Transport) to assist in developing a set of guidelines that could become the basis for best practice working procedures. These guidelines - called the Local Authority Passenger Transport Operational Procedures Guide (LAPTOP Guide) - were launched at a seminar in July 2002 and have now become widely used as a "Highway Code". We were the first to be accredited by the now Confederation of Passenger Transport which was then the offshoot TRANSfED and have regular external quality monitoring.  We are committed to the future of LAPTOP Guide and have adapted our training to mirror the principles the guide contains.  

Phoenix People

Phoenix Training has a body of trained, professional and experienced staff skilled in the discipline of passenger transport service provision.

Each trainer is hand picked and over seen for a period of 12 - 24 months before being allowed to train without supervision. 

Phoenix people are from various back grounds, including the Nursing Profession, retired Police Officers, current and retired Professional Drivers, Mechanics, Legal experts and serving Magistrates to name a few; all of whom have transport and training experience prior to joining Phoenix, allowing us to provide the very best standard of training.