Route Monitoring/Assessment Service

In conjunction with a number of our clients we have evolved a unique service that meets your requirement to monitor all and any of the routes you provide passenger transport on, whilst delivering known and controllable costs. It gives you access to trained and independent people, allowing you to both react to and identify risks.

Currently the system of route monitoring used by Authorities has certain limitations; all or some of which difficulties appear within Authorities to one degree or another:-

  • Headcount restrictions
  • Budget restrictions
  • Training and appraisal of monitoring staff
  • Integrity of monitoring and over familiarisation with delivery personnel
  • Record keeping
  • Contractors contract supervision

Our service is focussed on meeting these challenges in a clear precise, understood and timely manner and comprises the following elements:-

Assessing routes - components

  • Type of vehicle
  • Accessibility
  • Suitability size, condition
  • Correct equipment ramps    
  • Lift
  • Restraints
  • Extinguishers
  • F.A. kits
  • Pickup and drop off point
  • Building internal and external
  • Safety and Traffic flow
  • Shelter
  • Communication


Contract Operation

  • Passengers
  • Equipment
  • Timescales and Schedules    
  • Staff
  • Driving Standards and Procedures
  • Vehicle

The obvious benefits are of a fully trained and independent team making assessment of routes when and where you plan them without having the overheads of permanent or part-time staff.

We have broken the year into its natural 52 weeks with the starting week in April to follow your budgetary year and you will be able to plan and book for days - or weeks - across the forthcoming year.